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Then to the cross-examination, in which Capeless immediately set to work, hammering away at Schouten's description of the shooting as impulsive. "He told you the voice came to him and said, 'It is time.' Did that voice tell him to walk from his room across the frozen field, to take out the communications center at the guard shack, to hold his gun to the window of that car? He was armed and ready when that voice came..."

"...He told you he shot at no particular target. Don't you think the guard shack was a very specific target, since all the college communications went through there?" (Capeless walked to the map of the campus that was tacked up at the back of the courtroom and showed the path Wayne had taken that night, out of his dorm, across that big field to the road that lead back onto the campus.)

He continued in this manner, using his rhetorical questions to contrast Wayne Lo's actions and statements with Schouten's hypotheses. Finally he reached this climax.

"You said he felt no criminal responsibility for his acts, but why, when he was finished shooting, DID HE CALL THE POLICE?"

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