"We'd moved out of the apartment on Gloucester Harbor to a little house all our own. The house was situated at the edge of the downtown area, close to the harbor and wharves. We got a good deal on the rent because the place didn't have any heat. It didn't have any heat because it happened to be on low ground next to a marsh, and in winter and spring when the frozen ground couldn't absorb the runoff, the basement flooded. The oil burner had been destroyed by high waters years before. We installed a used gas-log stove in the kitchen that only worked if you kept a weight on the safety button that was supposed to turn off the gas if anything went wrong. We put an old wood stove in the front room, too. I ran a stove pipe up through the living room ceiling and into the conked-out oil burner's chimney, thereby providing us with a rudimentary heating system. We quickly learned that green wood did not produce much heat. They were demolishing a building down the street and we spent the rest of that first winter burning all the wooden studs, sills and headers that I could snitch from the site."

from Chapter 3. THE TIME MACHINE.

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